Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Concussion Great News

Today I got to see my regular GP who was highly amused by my circumstance and had some very sensible advice. Start doing regular life again, slowly, paying attention to how you feel. So I can go for walks, read a little, listen to the radio a little, and go on the internet a little! YAY! Today I kept it simple and just enjoyed the sunshine with the fire pit. Some friends dropped by for company and I spun some yarn. They filled me in on the news, surprisingly I've missed nothing. All in all, a day well lived.

This little fellow lives in our wood pile. He's quite sociable and enjoys having his photo taken. I spun wool reminiscent of Yukon river ice...
Enjoy the Nordicity! Use furs, mitts, hats and fire and enjoy the Canadian spring.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Rattled Brains

Sarah has done herself in with a concussion from exercise class trying to jump on a too high box because they only have one short one.  She fell far and hit her head hard.  The CT scan was good, but she is off a minimum of two weeks to try to rest her brain.  No TV... No radio... no computer... no IPod... no exercise... no reading.  Think this is a challenge for her?  YEP.
Looking for ways to relax the brain and not watch TV? Cavegirl TV!!!
Are you stoned... maybe?!?
Get Well Soon from Sarah's workmates... the Vase is an elephant teapot.  An elephant never forgets...

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Ottawa National Gallery

 I had a quick whip around the National Gallery and happened to notice a few canvases with sheep as part of the landscape...

Venice has always been a subject that attracts artists. What is astounding is how easily I recognized the location - the Grand Canal.

I was in the mood for some Group of 7 trees...

Ottawa Canadian War Museum

I went to the War Museum because of their special exhibit about women in the world wars. Having just been to Fashion on the Ration at the Imperial War Museum in London, I wasn't expecting much. I was very impressed with the quality of the exhibit.  There were vignettes about various aspects of women's lives and roles during the wars. The curators also dug out examples of women's uniforms from WWII that you could touch and handle. This included a cap and purse. I love being able to touch and feel and examine the details of clothing from the past. 

Sock knitting was a big deal during both wars. 

A bit of the Berlin wall

Ottawa Canadian Museum of History

While I was in Ottawa, I took the opportunity to see some of our national collections. The Canadian Museum of History used to be called the Museum of Civilization. On my walk back over the Rideau I caught the lovely afternoon light on the Parliamentary library which overlooks the Rideau.