Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How time flies

The snow is here to stay now. Since last week we've had about 18 inches of lovely white stuff. I really do love fresh fallen snow. The sound of peace to me. The world gets quiet you can hear everything because the noisy rushing of cars is dulled by the insualtion of the snow. Chris and I skiied around the Millenium trail which starts at the bottom of our streets and runs a loop around the edges of the Yukon River. To make it more fun we skiied a couple more kilometers into downtown and had coffee and a muffin at a lovely shop called Baked. Then we skiied back home. Right to our door. I had been meaning to ski to work for many years. yes years. I finally did so on Monday. Sadly, by then, everyone had shoveled and ploughed, erasing our lovely and hard made tracks from the day before. It would probably have been faster to walk. Tomorrow I'll try a slightly different route and see if it works out better.