Monday, February 1, 2010

Gardens, flowers and seeds

The seed catalogue owners are getting smart, this year they sent some catalogues out before Christmas. It was fun to start speculating about what I'd like to grow as the new year started. I still haven't decided, I'm always a bit of an optimist, hoping that flowers I love will grow here. Each year I try a few different things, some are grand successes, others (more of them) dismal failures. I am particularly excited this year because I have new scope for my endeavours. The back yard is finally land scaped giving me (us) 3 built and soil filled raised beds. The local agriculture branch even tested the soil for us. It is a good growing medium, it just needs to be beefed up with 20-20-20 (or the organic equivilant of blood meal and bone meal).

What should I take a chance on?