Sunday, May 8, 2016

Concussion Recovery

I am so very glad that spring is here in the Yukon. There are numerous new birds, old friends from other years, whom I'm so happy to have to watch. Yellow rumped warblers, junkos and what we call 'Xmen birds' for the black X on the back of their heads.

Cleaning, preparing and planting our gardens has been so very satisfying, and doesn't seem to hurt my damaged head.

I can now do a little time on computers, but I'm still off the caffeine and liqour. My GP is very pleased about that, thinking I'll be a whole new person! I did mix myself an Old Fashioned cocktail this past Friday, and while it was delicious, I think it may have contributed to my less than productive Saturday.

What is really strange is how difficult it is to type. Ever since my father recommended that I take an evening typing course offered by the local high school (with a shocking amount of foresight on his part may I add) I've merrily typed along at a rapid speed. Now my fingers are halting, not tripping over the keyboard. I've also lost that easy athleticism I took for granted prior to banging up my brain. I can now walk the flat 5k trail around our neighbourhood and river, at a moderate speed and only some symptoms, but that is a far cry from what i was able to do even the day before my concussion. I am reassured that this will all come with time, but it is hell on the ego when you pants don't fit anymore.