Friday, August 31, 2012

Friends of Thomas the Tank Engine

Engine 52
 This past tuesday we were in Skagway Alaska to meet a friend from the cruise ship. While we were there we took a lot of photos of the two steam engines for our nephew, Luca. A few photos of diesel engines may sneak in, but I know that the diesels can be very tricksy and sneaky, so I tried to keep them out.
Engine 69 - runs steam excursions to the Fraser summit

Monday, August 20, 2012

Tabby Incognito

We have, or are owned by depending on your view of cats, two mackerel tabbies. They have an amazing ability to use their natural camouflage to become invisible in almost any environment. If you remember the penguins from Madagascar, the cats theme is; "blend! blend!".

Where's the tabby?
 Ok, that one is easy. How about this one? Where's the tabby?
 See him yet/
 Gotcha! He just glared at me as soon as I found his hidy hole. This is Murphy's favourite spot of late. I only found it because I had a bathing suit to put away and he is nesting in my bathing suit pile.