Sunday, July 31, 2011

Finishing the Floor

Here we go - Chris has the camera, so photos later, but I am cleaning the floors for the umpteenth time (the cleaner they are the nicer the finish will look - see the footprints post). I tested the waterbased top coat last night and it looks good. We were worried that the cabernet red oil based stain might not be dry enough, but I think it is. Yes, I know, Oil and Water don't mix! In the modern wood finishes world they've made really good progress with water based finishes. As long as the oil is dry, the waterbased Varathane will look great. Wish me luck.

Footprints in the floor

Rats! despite all our best efforts at shoes off and clean feet there are some subtle footprints in the finish. Sigh. I think I know who's feet they are and I'll do a Cinderella type event at the kitchen party. It is heartwarming in a way to know that our friends will always be with us.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Some Progress At Last

After basically being held captive by an overly busy tradesmen, we have taken over the reigns of the floor refinishing and worked hard (Dad especially, Chris Sarah and Darrin also) for several days. We just could not wait any longer.

We are appreciative that Frederic has agreed to focus on finishing the backsplash and the stair tiles and has not taken offense at our taking over the floor refinishing. Sarah and Chris spent the day yesterday with oil induced headaches and managed to paint our way into a corner (sorry no pics of that one;-)

Bruce has gone with our friends Eric and Angela to Haines for a well deserved break to try his hands at Sockeye fishing and a little celebrating at the Haines Southeast Alasks State Fair.

Chris is heading to fish camp on Saturday to visit with his Grandma May (also a well deserved break). Sarah is going to have some Sarah time and look after cats. Perhaps she will start the Varathane coats on Sunday.

Frederic has some more to go on the backsplash and we hope that will be complete soon.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another week goes by

Another week goes by and we are still living in the Kleenex box in the front yard. I try very hard to live by that classic addage; "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all". It's been hampering my blog posts. We are still waiting for the floors to be refinished. I beleive it is fair to say that we are all tired of waiting. Today we all pitched in on the sanding. Even our super neighbour Darrin who is building his own home pitched in. It was good to get something accomplished. We are still left with quite a few bits and pieces to finish before the project is done. In addition to the flooring, there's the baseboards, door trim, painting, backsplash, and of course the ultimate clean.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Floors and other tiny steps

A start has been made on refinishing the upstairs floors. Today we moved in our new fridge, which was rather filthy due to it's time in the garage. I spent an hour cleaning it an it almost looks new. Sigh. I even managed to find the kick place for the bottom so it looks pretty good. I also installed the kick plate on the dishwasher. That looks pretty finished now too. Chris fixed one of the pieces of trim around the new window because it had bowed out. We sat in the love shack and conemplated the lay out of things. We made a list of all the things left to do. Really I'd have rather made a list of the things done. Another big sigh. As my Nana would always close her letters; "at least we've got our health".

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Its been a week

Well, its been a week with not much action. There's been a slow down. We spent the weekend at the Atlin Arts and Music Festival that was a great time. The love shack is looking good. Its got the house wrap and a couple windows.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Decisions & Repercussions

It is amazing to me how small choices at one stage can result in big problems at others. Maybe not big problems, but problems. At the very biginning of this project Chris and I knew that there would be a problem finishing the end of the wall that supports our lovley new granite bar. We talked about it and considered a variety of options. In the end we elected to cover it with wood that matches our cabinetry. Our wonderful cabinet maker Mark has executed a lovely wood cap for the space. That's what's pictured here. What we didn't consider is the air return. With forced air heating (very common here out west) not only do you have the vents providing warm air, but you have other vents that 'return' the air to the furnace system. As I understand it the purpose is to keep the air circulating throughtout the house. Anyway, in the wall we took out there was an air return. When we shortened the wall part of that air return duct ended up in the floor. We did not forsee just how difficult it would be to deal with it. Pictured here is the lovely grate made by our metal working wizard of an ex-neighbour Joe. Tada!

Also today the plumbing got finished.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Frederick has now installed the tile along the stairs... still to go

1.) Grouting and sealing of the stair tiles
2.) Tiling, grouting and sealing the backsplash
3.) Re-finish the upstairs laminate floors

The process is slow because of how busy Frederick is. Here's hoping for the end of next week.

Mark our fabulous cabinet maker came by to do more fine tuning on drawers and the custom cap at the end of the bar.

Dad worked more on the roof of the love shack and it looks fabulous.

Don is coming tomorrow to finish the bathroom plumbing.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Dare I say it?

I feel we are nearing the end of the kitchen renovation. The heated floors in the kitchen are wired up and working. The tile edging along the stairs is coming along. The pulls on the cabinets are on and more decisions made. It is at the end of the project that you see how earlier choices affect finishing details. A spot we knew would be a problem is a problem despite our best efforts.

The love shack has all the roof parts installed and we've consulted with our fabulous electrician about wiring and such.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Love Shackn'

We've had a wonderful Canada Day weekend. Thankfully there was rain predicted so everyone was in town and around to help out and hang out and keep us company. I think this love shack will look fabulous. It will have a wrap around porch and at least one porch swing. There could be a hammock too.

Mid-Century Modern Yard Sale Classic

Check out this neat chair I got at a yard sale on Saturday. As a kid I remember visiting family friends who had an entire dining room suite in this style. I remember thinking at the time; "this is so old fashioned". Now I think that it was the last era when affordable furniture was quality furniture. Today's affordable furniture is just junk. Made of 'fantastic plastic' as my mom would say.

This classic piece even has the "Made in Denmark" stamp on the bottom.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Canada Day Pics

More Canada Day Pics...

Busy Canada Day

The beam went up on the Love Shack today with help from friends and family. Sarah made sure we all had proper sustenance and painted the trim on the Shed. One side of rafters and headers is up with more work to get it done. Frederic started the prep for the stairs and finished grouting the kitchen floor. Pics of beams, headers, etc included for the benefit of our consulting engineer Drew (AKA Drewpy Drawers/ Sippy Cup) Alway. This way he can make sure the boys aren't colouring too far outside the lines of safety... Thanks Drew!