Saturday, December 20, 2014

Birthday Breakfast By Candlelight

One of the pleasures of the north on this shortest day is breakfast by candlelight. Rest assured, it was not some ungodly hour of the morning when this delightful repast occurred, it was a very civilized 9:30am, and still dark. The birthday boy was his usual sweet self and made eggnog lattes and the bacon and potatoes. I did the eggs and the dishes.

All the joy of the season to you all. And hold this precious thought close; the days are getting longer.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Vancouver Visit: Food of the Gods, Miko Sushi

The delicious Japanese fare was so good, that there's no photos after the drinks arrived. All I can say is that you should go and enjoy! I had herring roe on kelp for the first time ever, sake in a wooden cup/box and some amazing grilled mackerel. 

Vancouver Visit; Food of the Gods HONs

A Vancouver staple, HONs is always a must do. This time I think we excelled - rock salt shrimp and rock salt smelt were highlights for me. The noodles were an 'also ran' the Chinese broccoli with garlic lovely.

Vancouver Visit: Food of the Gods Bao Bei

We've had some wonderfully epic meals here in Vancouver on this visit. Thanks to some excellent recommendations from a work mate we arrived hungry at Bao Bei on Keefer St. It is kooky and eclectic with fabulous signature cocktails and smart wait staff - not everyone wants a cocktail that has only alcohol or a soup with bread in it. We did! There was a dish of butterflied herring that was divine, a desert with fresh persimmon and a finishing cocktail of bitter digestif qualities.