Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fair, Fishing, Fun Times

Sadly we all forgot to bring cameras for our lovely times at the river fishing yesterday. I caught my first dolly varden - a small, trout like fish, very tasty pan fried. On what was going to be my last case I caught a large pink salmon and as I was brining it to shore for Chris to assist me with the killing and gutting part... Chris cut my line and the fish swam away with a lovely orange and red lure in his mouth. Sigh. I really wanted that fish!

I've now been to the Fogcutter - a legendary bar here in Haines. I believe I said something like; "it is pretty small for all the stories'.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Haines Alaska SE Alaska State Fair

The Fair has started and we are here. We'll add photos when we have them. The RV park is just lovely.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Yard Sale Scores

Today's yard sale stuff includes the 'Taylor Case" which belonged to Mr. Taylor of Yukon's Taylor and Drury Store. The Taylor Case is probably 80 years old as it was the suitcase Mr. Taylor used when he went to university. I'm happy to have it.
The Taylor Case & Companion

The companion in the photo above is a hard sided case from the 1950's which the seller's mother in law used when she came to Whitehorse. The inside is lovely too;

I also got a lovely serving plate and a linen tea towel. The tea towel reminded me of my mom because she used to take my sister and I all over England doing brass rubbings.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

July Gardens

I love my gardens, but sometimes they get a bit out of control. This year we've decided to renovate one of the gardens to get rid of weeds and grass.

Asian Greens Galore!

This year I tried a new garden vegetable - a bunch of them actually - a series of Asian greens. I don't even remember what their names are any more, but they are delicious and very productive. So far we've had 8 big bags of goodness this week alone.

Delicious Lunch

Christopher made a lovely lunch today with our Yukon raised roast chicken.