Sunday, September 25, 2016

Crab Apple Jelly

Step one - pick the crab apples. We've got 3 trees, each of which produced prodigiously this year. Then, there is the cooking. this is more complicated than picking. Some recipes tell you to add the sugar and flavours at the cooking stage. In my experience this means you get a bag full of jelly, not juice. I cook down the fruit with just a little water, then put it into a mesh bag (or old tea towel) to drip into a glass bowl overnight. I like to see the colour of the liquor, that's why I use glass. Don't add too much water, it just makes weak liquor. You don't get much juice out of fruit, but what you get is really lovely.

Wool Ahoy! Colours

I have had some great times colouring the white wools that I bought this year at Olds Fibre Week. I've tried many different combinations and two differed dye companies. Each company has slightly different formulas for their colours, so it pays to experiment.

More Fish Fun

Last weekend we were able to get some more salmon - this time Taku River coho and sockeye. There were so many they would never fit in the freezer whole, so we filleted some and smoked some. We were very happy that a local elder dropped by - her timing couldn't have been more perfect. She was very kind and taught each of us her method for filleting salmon. Chris was a much better pupil than I!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Alaska Fishing Trip Haines to Icy Strait and Back Again

We had the most amazing time this past Labour Day weekend on a ocean fishing trip that took us from Haines Alaska through the Lynn Canal to Icy Strait and back again. We had fabulous weather and saw amazing sights.