Sunday, March 9, 2014

Cat vs. Squirrel

So this squirrel has decided that our place is the best location for everything wonderful from food to nest lining. Yep, the squirrel has been stealing wool from my stash to line her nest. So, I want the cat to eat the squirrel. He's not had not much success yet.

 Here's the high wire acrobat in action along the clothes line for the bird food.

 And here the squirrel discovers the cat is watching... Squirrel 3 cat 0
The squirrel got away to fight another day.

The forever quilt - A riff on the New York Beauty pattern

I've been working on this quilt for longer than any of my nieces or nephews have been alive. Yep, it's old. Today I finally finished it.It has been tabby cat approved for years, today the red seal tabby cat approval occurred.