Thursday, October 31, 2013


It has been one of the warmest Halloweens I can ever remember here in Whitehorse. My favourite costume was a home made orange gold fish teenager. She had an orange garbage bag on her body and an orange construction paper fish on her head. We also had a most adorable neighbourhood witch, with a broom and everything.
Our count of trick-or-treaters isn't huge but pretty significant still. 45.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Haines Alaska Weekend

The Haines library was opened only a few years ago with much community fan fair. This totem pole was carved and erected right beside the library. The accompanying descriptive note describes each element of the pole and what it represents. 
 The seas were lovely and flat. Sadly what you see in this photo are the commercial nets strung across the entrance to the Chilkoot River that I was trying to fish.

The Cat's Repose

I did make this wool stuffed poof for me, but Jack has adopted it for his own...Go ahead and comment on my commas...

The Big Canoe Patch

The boys rolled in after a great afternoon of canoe shopping with 3 used canoes. One required patching. It was intended to go out to a friend's cabin for frolicking on the cabin's lake. Here's the patching process...

Sadly it wasn't dry by the time the boys had to leave for the cabin so its still drying in the wood shed.

The Cat Who...

Ate the grouse. Yes, my cat Jack ate an entire grouse. I wondered why he seemed so placid when I arrived home at 5:30pm. I walked into the backyard to get something and saw an awful lot of feathers. Then I spotted the wing bones and breast bone. The cat ate the rest. Wow.