Friday, September 30, 2011

Wine Flights

I can't remember if it is vertical or horizontal wine tasting flight(google tells me it is a version of horizontal) but we tasted two of our apricot wines this evening side by side. Joe's wine from St.Laszlo Estate Winery was our favourite. It's the sexy home brew style unlabelled one in the photo. If you are any where near the Similkameen Valley drop in on Joe at St.Laszlo's and tell him Sarah and Chris from the Yukon sent you.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Staying the Course

Yes'm we are still here in B.C. We had a long relaxing stay in the southern Oakanagan valley. We'd recommend the Casa Dela Mia Oro to all and sundry. We didn't even get to half of the wineries between Osoyoos and Oliver. Each had things to recommend it. On our way back to Chilliwack we almost didn't make it because of the wineries, fruit stands and thai food. Also the super slow trucks. Highway 97 is not for those in a rush.

If you are ever in the Similkameen Valley or near Keremeos you MUST stop in at the Thai food restaurant - I am a verifiable food freak and that thai food was some of the best ever.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

20km diet

Well we didn't make the 40k bike ride because I got a nasty flat and I figured my patch wouldn't last. We got about 20K all told. However, we did manage a lovely meal with ingredients all from within 20K of our location, including the wine! I did cheat a bit and use salt, pepper and olive oil from much farther away. The results? Delicious. Wish we'd had company to share it with us.

Dry Hiking

Don't go grocery shopping hungry

"Let's pick up something for lunch", I said to my husband. Well, you can see the result of a grocery shop and a few fruit stands between the grocery store and our condo. Bon Apetito!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Puppy Heaven

Isla is really enjoying this holiday, lots of new people, new dogs and a lake right here.

Golden Mile

Last evening we drove the 20k from Osyoos to Oliver. Much easier than the bike earlier in the day. Not that we biked to Oliver, we biked to vinyards before Oliver. Anyway, it's called the Golden Mile because of a narrowing of the valley and it's former gold production that produces some lovely fruit, including nectarines and grapes. We stopped at Panorama Fruit Stand for some nectarines; "here, take more. take some peaches too". $2 for a 5lb bag of fresh, ripe, juicy, real fruit.

There is a hiking trail that snakes behind some of the orchards and vineyards which starts at the Tinhorn Creek vineyard and hits an abandoned town and old gold stamp mill.


Because parents all have diffferent ideas about whether it is ok to post photos of their children, I won't post photos of our very cute little nephews. Last week we took Wendy, Robyn and Murdoc (the nephew) out for a meal at a neat spot near the Fraser River to early celebratge Wendy's birthday. On Saturday past Drew came down to Osoyoos and we all went to the model train display here in Osoyoos. What fun! both our nephews like trains which I think is part of their English heritage. I've got a few train twitchers in my family tree that is for sure.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Nk'Mip & Burrowing Owl

It's been a slice of heaven here in Osoyoos. The weather has been hot, the peaches are ripe and there are so many wineries we probably won't get to them all. Yesterday we did a roundabout bike to Nk'Mip winery (say 'inkaneep'). A lovely tasting with Joan and a fabulous lunch out on the patio overlooking the vineyards and lake. We bought a whole case of wine, then looked at each other and said; "that's not going to fit on the bikes!" We road home, then drove back up for our booze.

Today we were more adventurous and decided to bike to the wineries on the Black Sage Road. Well, actually, we'd thought to go farther, but succumbed to the first set of winery signs off highway 97. As a cyclist highway 97 isn't bad, but it ain't great. So, we ended up at Burrowing Owl winery. Again, we had a lovely tasting, went for lunch on the spectacular deck and bought a case of wine. Burrowing Owl ships for a very reasonable price, so we will happily await the arrival of our wines in Whitehorse.

It was not the best day to dilly dally because by the time we left the winery it was 35 degrees in the shade. I had to stop twice to run through sprinklers (thanks orcharidsts). By the time we got back to the condo, I was a crispy critter. I road onto the sand of the beach, doffed my helmet and dove into the lake. Unfortunately Christopher's cell phone was in my pocket. Sigh. I thought it was a special waterproof contractor's cell phone. It is a contractor's cell phone, but it is shockproof, not waterproof. We hope to resurrect it with liberal application of heat and dry rice.

Tomorrow I'm very much looking forward to the Road 13 Vintner's Dinner. We got tickets because of a cancellation - their rainy day is our sunshine.

Isla is doing well, gets in the water of Osoyoos Lake at least twice a day and has many local admirers (human and dog).

Saturday, September 10, 2011


We are at tinhorn creek vineyards listening to k-os
Tres fun

Friday, September 2, 2011

Isla's Beauty Photos

Isla is doing well healing her broken leg.

All Cheese, All the Time

Who would have thought, an all cheese meal! We started with fondue to celebrate the acquisition of our new to us fondue pot. Then a sizzling pan full of halumi also known as saganaki (sp?) once it's cooked and spritzed with lemon and sprinkled with salt.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Renovation Stand Still

I cannot force myself to utter the words "done" or "finished", but we are probably at the place we'll be with the renovations for the next while. As you can see it is a livably space with lots of lovely light, both natural and artificial.
You can see the fantastic Art of Nicole Bauberger adorning our walls. Fortunately we already owned these.
I've told a number of folks about the furniture; we spent the furniture budget on our dog Isla's surgery. What did we have before? Old, stained and worn out student furniture. As a well employed professional I thought it was time to invest in some grown up furniture so we got rid of the old student stuff. The irony is we are now again sitting on student furniture. The yard sale scores mentioned earlier. Thinking about it, it is far better to spend money on a loved one than on material things. We did have some nice pieces, the two asian trunks in the photo. They don't necessarily both fit in the room, but hey, I wasn't in this to win decorating awards.

My Mom's a Republican!

I don't know how I could have live so long without discovering the truth about my Mom; she's a Republican?! Gadzukes. I love her dearly and call her regularly, but I said to her; "if you tell me you belong to the Tea Party, I'm not calling any more". She got rather quiet after that. Sigh. Happily I'm an independant soul, so while this news is surprising, it hasn't shattered my world.

Republicans for Voldemort Unite!