Friday, September 24, 2010


I was planning to bicycle to work until the 1st of October. Yesterday the snow was still on the ground as I made my way to work, but not falling. Today it is a blizzard out there! Very nasty wet stuff. The garden survived yesterday's dump, but not sure if it will survive today's. We've had a good run of it this year with 6 millimeter plastic.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Out Buildings

It has always been my thesis that one cannot have too many out buildings. They keep the house tidy, while being a haven for things that a dedicated pack-rat simply cannot throw out. We are now the proud posessors of 1 finished shed, two enormous wood sheds and the foundation for what we are calling a 'shack'. The shack will be all weather with the possiblity of heat and electricity depending on a variety of factors including the zoning, building code and easement owner (our local utility company).
This state of affiars is a vast improvement over the former site of trench warfare that was what the backyard looked like. It was a lesson to us all, do not allow a boy in the backyard with a digging machine. The idea of digging holes overwhelms whatever good sense said boy may posesses and the concept that you need to put the detritious dug from the hole somewhere never occurs.