Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Got to Get Me Moose Boy

The boys are off in the Yukon wilderness getting this year's moose. I hope. It was all a little dubious when I saw the amount of food and booze. I think they are going to hole up in the cabin eating and drinking. We did manage to eat almost all of our third of last year's moose. We also gave some to friends so I wasn't just us being extreme carnivores.

In other news the old, deaf dog has turned into a bit of a Houdini. I'm not sure how he did it but yesterday he got out of the yard - he was wating for me when I got back and I'd never have known but for the telephone call asking me to come and get the nice black lab that was on a neigbour's deck looking for food. Today my neighbours saw me cycling on 2nd ave and waved me down to say Walker (the old deaf dog) was out and about in the 'hood again. I'd swear that he opened the gate himself, or had someone help him... I've rolled a bolder in front of one gate and the other gate has a huge plank in front of it now. He was still in the yard when I got back from work. Here's hoping.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boot Camp

Dude. Have you ever done boot camp? Yesterday was boot camp, today was interval core challenge. I am so tired and worn out it isn't funny. We recently decided that fitness related expenses are money no object kinda things. That means that we don't look at how much it costs, just whether it works. Over the summer we did an outdoor version of boot camp in the elementary school playground. That was a blast! This time as winter closes in on us we are indoors. If you've never tried it, do. It will kick your butt.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Saltspring Kayak

We are back to the daily grind now, but thinking back on our trip in idle moments is wonderful. I'd never kayaked before, neither had the dear husband. The first 2 days were about getting sorted out, the last day we were able to relax and enjoy. I was a courageous soul and swam 3 times during the trip. It was refreshing to say the least.

We journeyed around the island, making little side hops including Wallace Island Provincial Park . I am so used to the vast wilderness in the Yukon, it was strange to me to be camping where I could hear other campers snores and whispers.

It was also great to see our friends again and kayak with them. Photos will be posted!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saltspring Island

What a lovely part of the world. Sigh. I am so happy to be here with my beloved. Where should I start? I'm so happy that I paid extra to reserve a spot on the 2pm ferry from Tsawwassen. It was way more relaxing knowing that we had a spot on the ferry. The 'sailing wait' for a vehicle was not a happy sign.The BC Ferries website is a bit confusing, but not bad. The ferry ride was short and interesting. Met Kevin who told some stories about Saltspring.

When we got into Ganges (the main town on Saltspring) we parked at the schoold and wandered around town. There's an arts exhibit on in Ganges for another few weeks at the heritage hall. They have everything from art to wear (fabulous felted confections) to fine art paintings and dioramas.

That night we crashed on a friend's mom's lawn (ok, septic field) and were pretty comfy anticipating the next morning's Saturday Market. That was so much fun! The food, Oh the food! I can't even tell you the joy... sigh.

I've been fighting a night cough so Chris thought it would be best to find a roof to go over our heads. The local tourist info folks were most obliging and found us Emily's Cottage, Ken is our wonderful gardener host here.

Emily's Cottage is just around the corner from Sunset Farm where we found wool to satisfy my need and Christopher's desire for a touque. They also have fabulous Queen sized wool blankets made with wool from their farm. When you pull up to the farm you are greeted by two very plump pygmie goats.

Let us not forget the vineyars. There are 3 of them on the island now. Saltspring Vineyards, Gary Oaks and Mistaken Identity. We visited them all yesterday. Wonderful wines, wonderful vintners (people), wonderful locations.

Today the rain has been on and off this morning. Who knows what the day will bring?