Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rock Creek Fair and a day of wine tasting

Rock Creek is a tiny little BC community just over the mountains from the Okanagan Valley. Their fair is HUGE! I think my favourite part was the series of engines being exhibited by the "Antique Power Club". Here's the video;
Also at the Rock Creek fair was the 4-H Club. I have very fond memories of 4-H, there was a whole collection of animals bound for the freezer, some little girls giving their public speech and a whole troop of little girls riding horses in an homage to the RCMP's musical ride. It was a fun day.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunny Oakanagan

I arrived at the Kelowna International Airport yesterday afternoon in time for lunch at Quail's Gate.

Then we went out for dinner with Drew, Luca, Kylie and her son Daxton. They are playing in the water feature behind me...

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Quilting Kaffe Fassett

For years I've admired the work of Kaffe Fassett (pronounced 'safe asset'). I finally have gotten done the top of a quilt based on one of his designs using his fabric. The cats approved. this photo is while it's still in progress.

Shack Attack

Stuffs going on with the shack out back.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Little Birds

We've put up the bird feeders again as fall closes in on us. I happened to catch these two little guys hanging out in the pansies.
Red Polls and Pansies

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fine Furniture Care - Polish

Chris got some lovely furniture on a trip south recently. I asked what type of polish was recommended - Howard is the brand name and they have every kind of polish under the sun. I think their Restor-A-Finish is the best. See results opposite. The light side hasn't been polished up yet. That is closely followed by their Feed-n-Wax. I also tried their paste waxes, but am not as happy with them.

Tabby Cat Heaven

 Chris' adopted Grandma - May Roberts runs a fish camp every year on the Yukon River. We feel really good about helping her use every part of the Yukon River Chinook that she harvests. She cuts the fillets off the fish and then sliced the skin and bones to be smoked into dog food. What you see in the photos are Chinook backbones that have been cut and smoked slowly for a couple weeks. Lets just say that Jack the Cat thought he'd gone to heaven. He made a tiger sized effort to consume as much of that fish as he could before we had it strung up and put away. It was so funny to watch him gnawing on an chunk of fish bigger than him!

Grown Up Furniture

The Grown-Up Living Room

Pin Tufted Slate Grey Victorian Love Seat
.After years of living off yard sale furniture finds we decided that we make enough money that we could afford real, grown up furniture. You know, the kind of stuff people who aren't students have - things that take a modicum of care. Although it is possible for students to have nice furniture - Drew's new room mates who are students have nicer furniture than he does. Anyway, I'm talking about furniture that can't be danced on, and spilled beer will make a noticeable stain. Our former furniture we'd each had since student days or BC (Before Chris). Anyway, last year, after the dog broke her leg we thought we couldn't afford real furniture for a while. Then we went to Chilliwack. Surprisingly there is a nice antique shop in Chilliwack. We got a nice Victoria love seat for under $500. The only sad part was the colour- peptobismol pink. During the same trip we happened upon a really nice smaller scale arm chair in violent red velour at a yard sale - a $20 score. Harvey's Upholstery in Chilliwack was the answer. We dropped in on Harvey and he is fabulous. He loves his work and is very proud to show it off. He was also happy to accommodate my eccentric taste in fabrics. We are now the proud owners of a lovely slate grey Victorian love seat and a black and white arm chair.

Tabby Cat Seal of Approval
To get this lovely furniture to Whitehorse we ended up buying a trailer, which is a story for another day. Suffice to say there was room in the trailer and nature abhors a vacuum. We also had a free flight on Air North so Chris flew down and did a kamikaze furniture shopping trip to get some office and other furniture. He scored some really nice pieces including the curved corner cabinet that the cat is gracing the the photo.