Monday, November 13, 2017

Christmas Craft Fair Season

My very wonderful and able helper Chris and me at my first Christmas craft fair for the 2017 season. 

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Summer in a Jar

I harvested our mint, calendula, camomile and dried them. Today I blended this lovely tea with some rose buds I’d gotten in Chinatown. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

Canadian History Museum

Today I was torn between second hand shopping or museums. I elected Museum. 
When I was last here the Harper government had changed this edifice fro the Museum of Civilization to the Museum of History and was busy remaking the History floor. I wanted to see the remake. Not as good in my view. Less interactive and more static. 
And I have to say overly general and undetaed. Information about the artifacts was short to the point of uselessness. The National Gallery did a better job of representing the breadth and turmoil of Canadian History. 

Canadian National Gallery

It was like seeing old friends returning to the National Gallery. When I last visited the Canadian Gallery was closed. This time my visit coincided with the Biennale- which seems like an opportunity to drag out of storage less seen works. Like a Nick Cave ‘sound suit’. 

I was also quite taken with a few of the installations. 

In the accompanying video there is a lovely, humourous dialogue about modern art which lent a wonderful dimension to this post-modern piece 😀. 
I also loved the depaneur- Quebec corner store - where your video image got linked to a Facebook page the docent told me. 

Then there was the installation about the production of pearls which really shook me. I had never considered how those pearly gems were produced. 

The last and possibly most intriguing piece of the Biennale was called Heavy Weight History. A team of professional Polish weightlifters was engaged to lit various monuments around the capital. Then a sports commentator would interview them about their efforts. 

Then it was on to my old friends in the Gallery. 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

End of Days in the Garden

Fall is, for me, a melancholy time. We also seem to have a lot of gray days in the Yukon in October. I decided today would be my last opportunity to get carrots before the garden beds were frozen solid.
I love eating my carrots fresh from the garden, crispy and sweet so I always try to eak it out to the last possible day. There have been years when I needed to use the pitchfork and spade to get the carrots out. 

I also found enough fresh pea shoots to have a tiny little stirfry.

Not bad for October in the Yukon.