Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Spring Fire

Last March was far too cold to even consider enjoying a nice fire on the deck. This March is way nicer. 

Pysanky: Ukrainian Easter Eggs

On the weekend I got together with a friend and decorated some Easter eggs using beeswax as a resist. It’s a craft practised in the Ukraine and something I remember being a lot of fun. It is a lot of fun. So much so they were going to do it again this year before Easter.

Sunday, March 11, 2018


A first for Whitehorse, a fur show and sale. There were educational exhibits stories quizzes and lots of fur to buy. After we left Christopher asked me why I didn’t buy any, and I turned him and indignation and said why didn’t you tell me it was OK to buy some?!

Spring Forward $%#$@$#%#$#$%

Who still thinks that 'daylight savings' time is actually a good thing? Particularly here in the Yukon? There is no need to 'save daylight' in the summer, and nothing under the short winter sun would help save daylight on those short winter days other than not working during the 6 hours of light. I absolutely hate the loss of 1 hour of sleep every year. What good is there from this monstrous disruption?

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Today’s Soup

Something Fishy ...

Wicked Snow

We had an unusually huge dump of snow. Christopher finally let me push him  over in the snow.  After 15 years. Correction, 17 years!