Sunday, September 15, 2019

Tangled Garden

To the eye it looks very artistic- the iPhone is a bit more clinical. 

‘Shopping’ Mom’s Collection

This visit to Nova Scotia was the first for many years. Mom has most certainly decided it is time to get rid of some stuff and she let me take some pieces I or Chris liked. Here’s a few...

Apparently used for making sourcraut - an ulu and lovely carved wooden bowl. The bowl got its first workout last night. 

A couple silver pieces - I love the ‘high/low’ of the cabbage in the silver bowl. 

I remember this lighter from my childhood. Mom offered to put lighter fluid in it, but since we were flying I thought better if it! 

There are more small pieces not yet unpacked. 
Ive always thought of Moms apartment as a branch tunnel of  Aladdin’s cave. 

Friday, September 13, 2019

It's A Big Country...

Only partway through the journey... currently sitting on the plane in the Toronto airport.  Sure wish we had this plane and these seats on the red eye when we went to Nova Scotia.  Sure hope Boeing picks thier socks back up 'cause Airbus and the other options suck in our experience.

Pearson Airport Sparrow

According to one of the staff sparrow is part of the generation that seems to just live here.