Sunday, May 11, 2014

Friday Cocktails

We like to enjoy our gardens with a cold beverage, snacks and friends. Sometimes the pets get in on our fun too...

Beautify your Bicycle

Last year I got a lovely Globe Daily 3 bike for my daily commuter. This year I bought a Brooks leather saddle to make it feel loved, and love me back... time will tell on that front. As with any stiff leather, it breaks you in over time.

Splatched Chicken

At least that's what I thought it was called, because the chicken looks like someone went; "splat" with it. The instructions read somewhat alarmingly... "cut out the back bone of a chicken with kitchen shears starting at the thigh end. Flatten chicken like a book". Or, as Jamie Oliver recommends, "if you ask your butcher nicely, he'll do it for you".  I did it myself because we are our mostly own butchers here in the Yukon. 

Crocus Week Whitehorse

We've decided that Whitehorse needs a new 'week of the week'. There's addictions awareness week, cancer week, veteran's week, etc. We think there should be crocus week. We have these amazing, divine, purple and yellow flowers that apear before the leaves are out in the trees. Last year I blinked and missed it. This year i wanted to be paying attention. We've gone on crocus hunts almost daily. Here's some of our best shots.

 The above were growing in the ditch near our house...

This little beauty was growing at the top of a hill in a grove of poplar.