Friday, June 27, 2014

Calgary's Delicious Dishes

I have learned only recently how important it is to have restaurant or food recommendations from a real live person. The internet is good in a pinch and there are some websites I love ( but nothing is as good as one human being talking to anther human being about a human need: good food.

Our flight to Calgary was somewhat delayed, but I was able to catch up with a work mate and friend on the flight who was seated right behind us. Since we were delayed she was able to use her cell phone to call friends of hers who live in Calgary and put me on the phone with them to ask for their recommendation for a good meal. It was amazing. We dined in splendour at Blink thanks to Steven's recommendation.

The next day after spending lots of time and money at the Kensington Wine Market we took Andrew's recommendation and ate at the Brasserie  which makes fries in duck fat!

Olds College Gardens

When I get a moment, I'll add the glorious photos to accompany this post. Olds College has been in Olds doing its thing for over a hundred years. Their grounds are very much like a botanical garden - which stands to reason considering that they teach landscape design. Their most recent addition is a simulated marshland which the college is using to explore how wetlands filter water.

Olds Fibre Freak Week

After a lovely family visit I travelled to Olds Alberta which has a venerable agricultural college which offers an annual week for the fibre addicted. You wonder what does that mean? "Fibre Addicted"? I often say to casual acquaintances that after the apocalypse my family will be warm. I have a manageable hoard of wool and wool relatives stashed in various locations around the home place. My lovely husband sometimes jokes that he opens what he perceived to be an empty drawer/vessel/cupboard/item and a flurry of fluff will puff out at him. That is the epitome of fibre freakery. Oh, yes, in Canada we can spell it 'fibre' or 'fiber', we just swing that way.

In Olds, at Fibre Week is when I get to talk (at length) with my people. The people who make it from scratch, the shepherds, the dyers, spinners, weavers and knitters. My people are really amazing. They are kind, generous and helpful. In my imagination I have funny little cartoons to illustrate this, but since I'm more of a writer than an artist, I'll elaborate.

The accommodations are Spartan, like camping. You've got a fridge, stove and sink; but no dishes, soap or towels. A lovely gal from Saskatchewan brought me a fry pan, pot, flipper, kettle and towels (dish and drying).

My people talk about the ethics of where our 'stuff' comes from. We worry about whether we should or shouldn't buy certain things based on how it will affect our world. My people believe in climate change.

My people will joke with me about how many wool fleece I bought, but then offer me some of theirs. My people are in the cities, towns, villages, cabins in the woods and farms raising the fabulous stuff I love to spin.

Calgary to Claresholm

We travelled to Claresholm Alberta, Canada to visit with my side of the family. While we were worried at the start about the weather (voluntary flood evacuation from Claresholm due to 'overland flooding' which means so much water fell from the sky that the ground couldn't absorb it) it turned out to be both lovely weather and a lovely visit with family. Our adventures were modest but entertaining; to Nanton, Alberta for their farmers market, miles of yard sales and 8 junk/antique/eclectic shops; Lethbridge for painting of pots; the reservoir for boating and fishing (no catching). In between there were dog walks, parades (avec Addison), eating, drinking and hot tubbing.

Sunday, June 15, 2014


After a short illness, Jack, our cat, died this past Monday. He inserted himself in our live and in so many photos I am often reminded of him.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Eventful Spring

I've been remiss in my postings. I've got lots to tell about, but finding the time when the sun is shining isn't easy. We had a dump truck load of compost delivered 2 weeks ago. Boreal compost uses municipal organic waste picked up at the curb to make this wonderful garden amendment. We may have over estimated how much we needed, but what the heck. Go big or go home.

Late spring, or as we here in the Yukon call it, "summer", is my favourite season. The green is just so intense before the dry and the bugs start.