Sunday, August 30, 2009

7th Anniversary Traditional Gift? Wool!

So, the 7th year of our marriage is around the corner and I discovered only a few weeks ago that the traditional gift is WOOL!!! I'm just a bit of a fibre freak, wool being a particular faviourite of mine. Dear Husband has been asking for a hand spun, hand knit sweater for a number of years now. Galvanized by the knowledge of our upcoming anniversary and the traditional gifting I searched through my stash and came up with some lovely dark blue yarn that has some depth due to other colour highlights. but there wasn't enough. I still had the information from the vendor and emailed her. She found more of the lovely wool in her stash/store and sold it to me. Thanks to Paypal and Canada Post the stuff was in my hands less than five days later. It is almost all yarn now and I should have enough to make the sweater planned ("Cobblestone" designed by JAred Flood).

I've got the sleeves knit and a chunk of the body... deadline looms...

Monday, August 17, 2009

More on the yard

We contracted with a really nice local fellow who has his own dump truck and bob cat to do the work on the yard - here's a portrait of the dump truck.

Progress Indeed!

After the yard was stripped of the over burden - ratty lawn, poplar suckers, cobbles, gravel and sundry dog do it took a long 12 hour day to get it all trucked away. My father in law Bruce, made the coolest barn style doors for our carport/garage so that a small bobcat can get through to the back yard.

Then road grade textile was laid down and 3 dump truck loads of 'crush' was brought in and spread around.

Our upload speed is criminally slow due to traffic throttling by Northwestel so I can't post as many photos as we have.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Progress is Being Made

For many years the DH (dear husband) and I have had a plan for the backyard. One of the wonderful things about our relationship is that we have a very similar design ethic and perspective on the purpose of things. Thank-God. I can't imagine how awful it would be to love a man and attempt to live with him and his hunting trophies. Equally, I've never understood how a woman could impose a floral decorating scheme in the marital bedroom, assuming her husband is straight.

Anyway, for all these years we've tried to pick away at it with no success. Yesterday all the trees and sod were stripped and piled, today, the pile is being taken away. Already it looks better. It is flat now. Next step is to put down road grade geotextile to deter the poplar trees from coming up in the lawn, which will be put in next.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Got Lucky! Haines Alaska Fair

Chris and I were at the Haines Souteast Alaska State Fair over the weekend and in addition to enjoying the fair and the food I caught a fish! Finally, after a year of no fish. We ate it last night and it was good.

I also got a really nice piece of art, a multi-media piece with real sea wrack. I know it's real because the cats tried to eat it.